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Second-hand smoke That entangles a Life …

Second-hand smoke That entangles a Life …

Zoeb: Only son who comes from a well to do family, Father is Civil Engineer and Mother works in a Bank.
Ritesh: Youngest son of three, they are well heeled and they are into the business of Realty and Land Developing.
Venky: Eldest son and has two sisters studying in school, Father Works as a taxi driver and Mother is a maid to perform domestic duties and they belong to poor family.
Danny: Youngest son has an elder brother. Both the parents are High School Teachers in a Government school.

Chapter 1:
It was a busy Monday with crowded streets and crowded passengers on a bus and the vehicles wedge tightly between on the main roads of Basavangudi. It was an academic period of the year during which students attend school or university. A little further towards the bull temple is BMS Engineering College. A large number of people gathered in the campus it looked colorful and stylish as it was their first day of their college. And among this crowd Zoeb, Ritesh, Venky and Danny who have recently arrived fresh from Pre-University and are perfect stranger. All the ambitious students coming with the purpose to accomplish their dreams and of course having fun. All young men gazing at girls in the campus, steadily and intently with great curiosity and interest. And all girls staring towards the well-groomed young man. And on the other side where gangs of seniors giving a ferocious glare that causes spookiness. 

And gradually students started moving to their respective classrooms, and in Mechanical Department 1st Semester Classroom Zoeb, Ritesh, Venky and Danny and other students started entering inside looking at unfamiliar faces with a smile that serves as a greeting to each other. And lecturer entered the classroom greeted everyone and introduced himself and explained about the mutual expectation and got every individual introduced to the complete class they passed the time talking and a smooth day at the college passed. Stepped out of the classroom and students started talking to each other, Zoeb, Ritesh, Venky and Danny while having conversation were surprised to know the fact that all stayed in the same boy’s hostel. As rest of the crowd scattered while the four new friends knowing each other walked towards the hostel. 

As the time passed by Zoeb, Ritesh, Venky and Danny became the closest buddies and used to spend hours stuck together whether in the college campus or outside, they had best time of life. Some of the seniors were ragging in hostel and in the college campus and on the other side attending the lectures, Lab and having intense dislike with hostel and the food. After all these pressures of daily life, they still managed to be optimistic and finished their 1st semester exams and all the four had a strong belief that they did well. By then College had commenced holidays for a period in which a break is taken from studies. Most of hostel students were happy and super excited going back home after spending all the tough times. But, Zoeb, Ritesh, Venky and Danny were wretchedly unhappy to go away.

Venky was unable to meet the expense of going to hometown and refused Zoeb, Ritesh and Danny when they planned to help. Venky was distressed of separation from friends than going home. While the other three had a similar feeling and Ritesh quickly came up with a scheme and said I will go home for four days and will be back till then Zoeb and Danny will you stay to accompany Venky. It sounded gratifying Zoeb said after you are back I will go home and will return in two days while Danny said will stay back. Consequently, plan worked and after re-uniting, Ritesh and Zoeb said we will leave the hostel and stay independently as parents have already agreed when we expressed our experience about the food and the hostel. Danny said will join and share the expenses and Venky hesitantly asked I will also join, but will be able to pay same as the hostel rent and will also take the burden of doing house hold things. All four dealt fairly with the situation and moved out of the hostel to leave independently.


Chapter 2:
All settled down in an independent house which is closer to college which could be covered by walking. They found an opportunity to exercise their liberty, there was nothing that they could be afraid of, Ritesh introduced Danny and Zoeb into a habit of smoking and Venky is an asthmatic patient, allergic to dust and is a non-smoker. They all imbibed great quantities of alcoholic beverages on weekends. They would relish on weekend parties and being earnest students on week days they had a mental steadiness they knew what they are doing. They had all required house hold things, and started cooking at home. As all four belong to different religion and had their own religious beliefs which would never allow them to fight or contend even when it comes to food.

Time was flying, never to return. Days felt like seconds and Years felt like weeks. It was incredible, and infact lot of things changed as days were passing by. they completed their third year of engineering and were going into Final year of engineering there were many changes in their daily routine. They got habituated to staying awake late nights for studying and Ritesh, Danny and Zoeb they became chain smokers its like smoke cigarette after cigarette and Venky would fall sick most of the time as he was asthmatic patient and had constant cough and could not complain because deprived of his financial strength and the support which he was getting from his friends. Venky and Ritesh had backlogs of their 3rd Semester and had additional work and stress to complete their graduation.

Venky and Ritesh responsibly handled to clear their backlog’s and all four friends where in 7th Semester same phase of life, more nervous and more persuaded. Venky was repeatedly suffering from ill health and always overlooking health issues and his friends where always there to support and help him. They completed three months of their 7th Semester they were completely occupied with daily assignments and studies. And unexpectedly one midnight Venky complained is discomfortness. His friends immediately took him and was hospitalized. It was close to a week diagnosing to know the cause, Venky was very jittery about the medical checkup and wanted to go home even though his health did not permit.


Chapter 3: 

Ritesh, Danny and Zoeb all inquisitive minds had a lot of nervous strain praying that not to hear an awful result. Venky’ s father arrived to hospital mentally distressed, all waiting greatly worried and suddenly heard attender calling them to Doctor’s chamber. Doctor was trying to give solace before disclosing the information. Doctor confirmed that Venky is suffering with Lung cancer and is in 3rd stage wherein the cancer is confined to the lung. The rebuke came as a shock and was difficult for all to believe, Venky’ s father collapsed on the ground unconscious. Ritesh, Danny and Zoeb immediately lifted him and managed to make him sit on the chair. All broke down and burst into tears clasping tightly each other in their arms.

It was hard for everyone to believe that Venky is suffering with lung cancer. They approached Doctor once more, seeking his permission for second opinion. After all the attempt the outcome was same. All were anguished over the cause of Venky’ s condition and somewhere Venky’ s father, Ritesh, Danny and Zoeb were guilty and felt responsible for getting Venky into this worst situation of battling his life. And on the other side Venky was fearful about something wrong might happen and was not aware of the fact. All were trying to pretend that nothing is wrong, as they entered in Venky’ s room. The keen distress on their face was evident for Venky to accept the reality and burst out into tears even without knowing the cause, watching Venky’ s position all started moaning at his fate and trying to strengthen in moralistic way of looking at the world which no more benefits.  
Time and days were passing swiftly, Venky made up his mind and was more focused than ever to attain all his wishes that he could not accomplish all this while, as days were passing by so fast, Venky knew that is left with a little time to make this life worth and close eyes without any regrets. Venky successfully completed his Engineering along with his friends Ritesh, Danny and Zoeb. Danny and Zoeb were placed in acceptable jobs. Venky could not join anywhere as his health was getting unfavorable, Ritesh’ s family helping hand up and encouraging for the good cause to establish Ritesh as entrepreneur it took four months for Ritesh along with Venky to plan and start an NGO “Relive” Lung Association an organization working to save lives for the patients who are suffering from Lung cancer. 
Venky had a short life and a merry one, the time spent a period away from home never felt away from home, He relished every moment staying with his friends and college, had phenomenal experience and was always proud about his family being his strength and never did he regret about his family’s state of being under the unfavorable circumstances. He never complained even when suffering from distress, In bitter and better days he always led his life lasting a lifetime.

It may not be deliberately, but lacking the sense of sight. People who are addicted to smoking need to be mindful of one's responsibilities, It’s not just them but others lives are also involved who do not violate but still are the victims.
“There is one life which can never be secondhand, and Secondhand smoke can take one life”
Since 1964, approximately 2,500,000 nonsmokers have died from health problems caused by exposure to secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke causes 7,333 annual deaths from lung cancer.
Secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard causing more than 41,000 deaths per year. It can cause or make worse a wide range of damaging health effects in children and adults, including lung cancer, respiratory infections and asthma.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Short Story 'A False Face'

This is a short story about a girl Aastha who unveils the truth behind ‘A False Face’

You can read ‘A False Face’ short story here

Friday, 20 April 2012

My Short story : For Godsake

‘For God sake’ is my first attempt of writing the short story. It’s about the belief in God and practices which we made according to our convenience. All it takes to be righteous is to be a good human and when you are morally excellent you will see the God's existence.

 You can read For God sake short story here.

Monday, 16 April 2012

My Song

‘Ehsaas’ is Hindi Christian Gospel album which we released in 2010.There are two songs from the album ‘Bhoole koi’ and ‘Tu Chale’.It’s my Compositions, Lyrics and my Voice . My friend Bijoy Thangaraj did the music arrangement, recording, mastering and also adding the vocal inputs.

Friday, 13 April 2012

My Poems

Chal Pade..

Ek hawa mien uddey,Ek zameen pe pade
Peeche chode nishaan youn hi aage bade
Chal pade,chal pade ,Ye kadam chal pade
Chal pade ye kadam chal pade.

Saalon chale kitne meelon chale
kadmonki koyi ginthi nahi.
Hum tehar jaaye jahaan
Wahan pe manzil milthi nahi.
Paaon thak ne lagi ,aankhen thak thi nahi
silsila doondh ne kha tho rukh thi nahi.
Jhao jitne kareeb,faasle uthne hi bade
chal pade ye kadam chal pade.

Mehangaayi Badgaya..

Mehangaayi ke iss zamaane mein
Chain se jeene ka maahol bigadgaya.
Thankha tho badthi nahi par
Mehangaayi zaroor badgaya.

Ek marthe mareez ke zindagi se zyaada
Haspathaal ke dhaam aur dhavaayi hai.
Karz mile bank se qishton mein bhar ne
jab chukao tho dhugna bharpaayi hai.

Baade hai building se oonche
Aur jhinse chote makaan hai.
jahaan kareedh na paaye kuch samaan
Aise bhi kahi dhukaan hai.

Bachon ka behathar bhavishya manaane
Samjautha karo apne varthamaan se.
Qataar hai lambi dhaaqilon ki
Baito na tum ithminaan se.

Tarah taraha ke khaana parose
Jab koyi hotel jhaatha hai.
Bhooke ka pet tho bhar tha nahi
Par jabe kaali ho jhaatha hai.

Kagaz ke noton se bhi halki hai iss zindagi ki keemath.
Tum ye mano ya na mano ,par hai yahi haqeeqath.

Waqt ..
Jab waqt ho meherbaan ,usse bevaje na zaaya kar
Ye chala gaya jho ek baar,phir usko na bhulaaya kar.
Woh mudke waapas kabhi phir na aayega
Jho pal hai khodhiya woh phir na paayega.
Jeele jee bharke har pal jeelein tu yaara
Phir mile ya na mile ye zindagi dobara.

Har woh beetey pal se kuch lamhe judi hai
Har choti choti baatonki yaadien badi hai.
Kuch lamhe hoton pe hasi de jaaye
Tho kuch aankhon mein nami de jaaye
Ye saare pal hai khoobsurat
Jho zindagi mein hai zaroorat.